Apr 8, 2008

NYC report: Ouch, CBGB is now a boutique

Maybe I'm outing the consumerist side of myself by steering you to this sick, sad, sorry news on Uncrate, a site which, at times, is like cyber-crack to me.
315 Bowery is a well-known address to a lot of New Yorkers, as it was the location of iconic rock club CBGB for over 30 years. Now fashion designer John Varvatos is using the space as his newest boutique.
It reminds me of the time I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to see the Rock Style exhibit at the Costume Institute a number of years ago. The two shocks I encountered there were: (1.) They had a pair of jeans that Bruce Springsteen wore on his Born in the USA tour-- and they were from Fiorucci. And (2.) the striped boat neck T-shirt that Patti Smith wore early in her career that I had assumed was a thrift store find was actually brand-spanking-new Dior Couture.

I could ramble on about branding, commodification, CBGB T-shirts being sold at Target and recently deceased owner Hilly Kristal's plans to relocate the club to Las Vegas, but I won't.