Apr 10, 2008


Ø Since the growing perception is, at least among certain hopeful Angelenos, that Los Angeles is ascending to the top of the heap in the art world, I would expect this weekend's unimaginatively entitled Los Angeles Art Weekend event to come up with a snappier name that would befit that designation. (My suggestion is the title of this post.)

LA Times gave it a major nod by putting it on the cover of today's The Guide section but the article inside amounted to little more than a copy/paste of information on the event's site.

Ø The Downtown Artwalk happens today, noon to 9:00PM. It covers the galleries on the circle of Spring, 2nd, Main and 9th Streets, as well as few others nearby, including MOCA (free 5 to 8:00PM, closes at 8.) Too bad it doesn't include any of the Chinatown galleries. It should.

Ø LAT has gotten better at covering galleries that aren't on the west side, notably last week's twin features on Black Maria Gallery's Hollywood Apocalypse exhibit in Atwater Village and today's review of manipulated found photography by Nicole Belle at Found Gallery in Silver Lake.

Ø Chimera Frontiera opens on Saturday night at Junc/Giant Robot on Sunset in Silver Lake.

Untitled, from The Rev Sanchez Series by Nicole Belle/Found Gallery