Apr 7, 2008

Feet fete

Fools for Feet, the current exhibit at Antebellum is all about the erotic nature of feet for some. If that's you and you're unaquainted with the surfeit of cultural contextualization available, this may be a starting point for you.

One could find a certain anti-synergy here with the recent poll question on LA Metblog asking, as part of their 64 Worst Things About LA campaign, which is worse, Starbucks or the ubiquity of year round flip-flops.

Maybe to the chagrin of those coming down hard on flip-flops, there is a blog, FLIPFLOPEROTIC, dedicated to the erotic angle of the revealing footwear. And they even have their own poll question for you to weigh in on.
I found myself continually staring at his feet. The flip-flops he was wearing drew attention to them. His feet were tanned and, I had to say, looked amazing plus the flips were cool. I had never thought of myself as a "foot guy" but I felt seriously turned on. I found myself wanting to get my hands, even my mouth on them...
Antebellum will be screening O Fantasma on Thursday, April 10th at 7:00PM. From Portugal, the film is a lurid journey of anonymous sex in mostly public places. Ho hum, welcome to LA. And should I mention that George Michael's tour passes through in June?

Photo by Miguel Angel Reyes