Nov 29, 2007

Republicans Youtube Debate - America, meet your dark side...

If last night's dinosaur display didn't scare most viewers into voting for a Democrat last night, then I don't know what will. The dark beast of the American electorate raised it's many heads in the form of hatred for illegal immigrants, gays and abortion and its throbbing lust for guns, the confederate flag and the Bible.

What struck me most was that Romney's principles are as changeable as necessary to get conservative votes. He never met a lie he couldn't unblinkingly tell about his "changing" views or being "wrong." I used to think his phoniness was just on the surface; after last night I feel he's that way to the core. He's got that perfect game show host persona, brimming with vacuous sincerity.

Romney's futile, squirming attempt at dodging Anderson Cooper's question about whether he still, as he said in the past, "looked forward to the day when gays and lesbians could serve openly in the military" was a cringing, embarrassing moment for everyone-- except him, of course. I'm not sure if the booing was for his lame answer or for the subject entirely. My hunch is it was the latter, given the crowd.

Duncan Hunter was the most unabashed and comfortable with his homophobia. Huckabee and McCain tried to sound reasonable in tone but it came off like they were saying, "Bigots have rights too."

Why didn't Anderson Cooper (a gay man) let Paul and Guiliani weigh in? It's common knowledge that their views differ from the Neanderthals flanking them.

Huckabee let it be known that he welcomed gay votes, just don't expect anything in return from him if it doesn't involve banning abortion, "protecting marriage," defunding social programs, cutting taxes, etc.