Nov 16, 2007

Hollywood conservatives are pussies

Truthdig points to an article in the conservative Washington Times about the unwillingness of certain Big Stars to talk about their political leanings.

It seems like Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Terry Hatcher, Adam Sandler, Kelsey Grammar and Bo Derek, among others, will not comment on their support for Republican presidential candidates. Hatcher even went so far as to forward an interview request on the subject to her lawyers.

While Democrats enjoy very public support from Hollywood's top actors and musicians, who often hold lavish events for their favorite candidates, Republican supporters in Hollywood try hard to keep their political views quiet.

"They learn very quickly, if they know what's good for them, to donate to the Democratic Party," said Andrew Breitbart, [conservative] co-author of "Hollywood, Interrupted." "If they were to donate to the Republican Party, they would be exposed to career-ending ridicule, period."

One high-profile celebrity, when asked about her political views, even had her lawyers declare “our client’s rights of privacy and other legally protectable intangible rights” and warn that she should not be labeled a Republican.
Stories like this keep me smiling for days.