Feb 18, 2008

The Sushi-Trader Joe's continuum

One thing that has kept me sane during my transition back to PGH from LA has been regular visits to Trader Joe's in East Liberty. In light of the teeth gnashing on a few of the local blogs about "superior sushi" in PGH being a "semi-serious" indicator of quality of life attractive enough for the talented who may deign to relocate to this bright little city, it occurred to me that TJ's may hold the same panache as raw fish.

Of course, in Cali you can buy wine, beer and booze just about anywhere-- Rite Aid, 7/11 and TJ's of course. It might be worth considering that the alcohol restrictions here in Pennsyltucky are a bigger shiny red flag to the talent crew that some are hoping, pleading, begging please! to lift this city unto Yuppie Wet Dreamland than a plate of fab fluke.

And I guess I could pile on the failure to implement a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. Trust me, it matters a lot.

Btw, I saw one of my favorite affordable Chardonnays (Meridian) at my local Wine & Spirits Shoppeeess. At the TJ's near me in LA (in trendy Silver Lake, no less,) the price is $5.99. The price at the W & S Shhopppeee? $10.99.