Feb 17, 2008

Sunday cavil

Ø I'm not sure why the Post-Gazette gives high profile, front page prominence in Forum to today's opinion piece by Tasso Katselas about US Airways abandonment of PGH International Airport and then, on their web site, pushes it way down the page. (Can you find it?)

Anyway, it's an infuriating article that tells how the city designed the airport, specifically addressing US Airways concerns, and also how congressional leaders from the area worked to secure a billion-dollar federal bailout for the airline in the wake of the post-9/11 nosedive in air travel.

And then US Airways moved it's hub out of PGH, opting for Philadelphia and Charlotte, even though both are fraught with problems when it comes to air travel, none of which exist at the new airport. Kinda makes you wonder, or at least consider passing over US Airways when booking your next flight, not that there's much to choose from as far as PGH is concerned.

Ø There is some grumbling on the local blogs about PGH's future, in terms of potential for growth and its ability to attract commerce. Some are worrying about or pondering how PGH can be more like Austin, NYC, LA, SF, Boston or Paris (!) when it comes to tech industry, sushi and Downtown's street level retail. (Okay, on the last one I'm referring to my reaction to the Paris to Pittsburgh initiative. Anyone else want to weigh in?)

And then there's the camp I'm in, along with PittGirl, who loves PGH for what it is/isn't.

In the words of Stuart Smiley, "Sometimes it's easier to wear slippers, rather than carpet the entire world."