Dec 23, 2007

Bodies and Corsets

I went to see the Bodies exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh yesterday, even though I had seen it (or something similar) a couple years ago in Los Angeles. It's still creepy, fascinating and depressingly humbling, kind of like strolling through a human meat locker with museum lighting.

But the real treat was at the Andy Warhol Museum. The Warhol keeps getting better and better over the years (as admission keeps rising; when it opened it cost $5 to enter, now it's $15.) I've never seen the place crowded. Sometimes I've had an entire floor to myself.

The Ron Mueck exhibit is THE thing to see now. Monumental and miniature sculptures in lifelike mixed media are the perfect counterpoint to the Bodies exhibit.

Also, Warhol's gold leaf adorned drawings from the 1950s are on view, as well as a Sargent-like portrait of Jean Michel Basquiat that I had not seen before. Several of Warhol's corsets are displayed too, in a couple galleries and in a rainbow of colors.