Sep 8, 2007

"I read the news today, oh boy..."

Schwarzenegger thinks the whole time he's been governor he's really only been playing one in a movie .

Pope visits Holocaust memorial in Austria, heads straight to gift shop. Oh, and then he mentions that Europe without Christianity would be, like, a total drag.

Morrissey starts Christmas at the Palladium run early this year.

New LA Times column to explain on a regular basis why Angelenos are gluttons for punishment. No mention of low standards and cold, dark hearts.

Marriage is for Fags! GLAAD communications director "carefully" outs himself as straight; family shamed.

Surprise! Lucinda Williams is neurotic, refuses to leave El Rey Theater until she plays every song from every album in exact order. (Not a telethon.)

Right before a massage and a nap, Fred Thompson says he hates gay marriage and is "100 percent" against abortion, now that he's not being paid to lobby in favor of it.

Phil Spector stubbornly refuses to change wigs for deliberations.

2,200-year-old Roman play sexed up and musicalized, opens at Getty Villa. No word on Broadway transfer yet.

50 Cent to star in hip-hop remake of This Is Spinal Tap.